"Atlas", solar fountain

Sculpture project in the auditorium of the Høvik/Stoppen school complex in Lier/Norway
2009 Open Competition Winner

Promoter KORO, Lier Municipality

Joint project/ artist team M.Kuhn/C.Dingens

Indoor- and outdoor art project with solar panels. When the sun shines outside - the water runs down a 8 meter high column of larvikite. A solar clock to experience the circel of nature.

Fountain sculpture - two Larvikitt columns:

depth: 150 m, width: 150 cm, height: 800 cm

Four polished larvikite sheres around the Atlas column

sizes between 40 cm and 150 cm

Outdoor sculpture - larvikite sphere:

depth: 150 cm, width: 150 cm, height: 90 cm

Solar Panels: 7 x 1.658 x 834 x 46 mm