I am a visual artist who works with graphic and sculptural art projects.

I am fascinated by the use of materials and the artistic process in printmaking.

Working with concepts and graphics in the 2 dimensional area also influences my interest in 3-dimensionality.

For years I have been organizing art projects in public spaces as part of the artist team with a focus on sculpture, nature and technology.


Christine Dingens (1965)

- living in Larvik, Norway

- workshop for print graphics Tjølling/Norway

- work with art in public space projects

- member of Norske Bildedkunstnere/ NBK

- member of Vestfold Bildende Kunstnere/ VBK

- member of  KKV-Bohuslän/ Sweden

- establishment of "Kunstfelt Stålaker"


Searching for material, printing and manipulating visual content. By printing the template, the process of time is interrupted, documented and released for individual associations. 

/about.ART in PUBLIC

The collaboration with the sculptor Marin Kuhn offers an interesting challenge in the area of 3-dimensional art in public space. For many years, our work has been closely related to the concept, graphics and sculpture and we have participated in competitions for art in public space.


Kunstfelt Stålaker is located in front of a Larvikitt quarry in Tjølling/Larvik, Norway and offers a platform for art.