"Årstidene Skulpturer" - The sculptures of the seasons

School Outdoor area of the Åssiden VGS school in Lier/Norway

2009 Open Competition Winner

Promoter KORO, Lier Municipality

Joint project. Artist team M.Kuhn/C.Dingens

Three highly polished Larvikite sculptures define the outdoor area of the Åssiden School in Lier with their form and aesthetics.

An invitation to linger and use the functions at any time of the year. Stone for coolness in summer and warmth in winter - experience and memory as an accompaniment to school time.

Summer sculpture

Place:  school garden

Stone: blue Larvikitt
Dimension of sculpture:

length:     900 cm
120 cm
500 cm

The largest of the three seasons/sculptures reflects the light and its surroundings on the highly polished surface. The deep blue Larvikitt invites you to linger and defines a place. An island on the school grounds with a wooden terrace as a meeting point and experience.

spring/autumn sculpture

Place:  school garden

Stone: blue Larvikitt
Dimension of sculpture:

length:     470 cm
height:     120 cm
depth:      600 cm

This star-shaped, highly polished Larvikite sculpture connects the seasons sculpture group and defines a space. With the three sculpture islands, the entire outdoor space of the Åssiden School is visually connected and aesthetically marked.

winter sculpture

Place:       school garden

Stone:      blue Larvikitt
Dimension of sculpture:

length:     300 cm
height:     90 cm
depth:      250 cm

Heat cable through the stone to heat the stone.

The art object in front of the main entrance has a heating cable installed, and will feel warm to sit on even in many degrees of cold. This should make the sculpture an attractive place to stay also in the wintertime. The stone maintains a temperature of 25 degrees, which can be regulated using a thermostat. The Larvikite surface gives off even heat, so that the sculpture, as an island in the snow, can also be used as a dry meeting place. Since the sculpture object has an irregular format with raised sides, visitors can sit comfortably with their backs against the warm stone.